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Hello Parents!

Welcome to CULTURE PUNCH® 2024


We hope your 2024 is off to a great start!

We are No Limits Productions and we are the creators of  CULTURE PUNCH®.

We work with Indianapolis High School students and produce opportunities for them to collaborate and create without limits.

Our vision is to create a world that thrives off SYNERGY and SERVICE.

If you are reading this, your student's school is one of the exclusively selected schools participating in CULTURE PUNCH® 2024.

We are also creating a docu-series, highlighting the schools and the students involved.

Below you will find:

1) A video explaining CULTURE PUNCH®

2) A Sizzle Reel from the previous CULTURE PUNCH®

3) A Packet detailing our background, the program, schedule and other information.  

4) A talent release form for you to sign, allowing your student to be filmed in the docu-series when we visit their school.

Please take a moment to learn about our program and sign the release form to allow for your student's participation.



This video explains our program and what your student will experience when he/she works with No Limits Productions.


Sizzle Reel

This is last year's story, showing the proof of concept for MANY PARTS and INDEPENDENT production quality of NO LIMITS Productions.

This is the docuseries your students and school will be featured in.



Summer Youth Program

Information Packet

Here is a packet that overviews our company  and provides details of the program.




Talent Release

Please follow the link and electronically sign this form to grant No Limits Productions permission to feature your students in the docuseries, MANY PARTS.

Please be sure to go back and click the "DONE" button on the Pink Google Form after signing the PDF form to ensure accurate records are kept.

*PLEASE NOTE: Completion of the Participation Release Form gives permission to No Limits Productions to feature your student's image and likeness in certain places throughout the docu-series (i.e. crowd shots, school assemblies); however it does not guarantee your student a role in the performance or appearance in the docu series. If your student is interested in a role in the musical or on the tech/media teams, interviews and auditions will be held in February & March of 2024.

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