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Welcome and thank you for your interest in supporting  CULTURE PUNCH® 2024! 

We operate as a 501 (c) 3 and offer tax deductions to all our Donors & Sponsors.

We are here to serve you. There are many great opportunities for marketing and brand awareness. We have created a "Marketing Echo-Chamber" that mobilizes six major high school networks, local news stations as well as YouTube Channel Ambassadors with followers all over the country and the world.

We are excited to offer our sponsors not only local exposure (Indianapolis Events & Networks) but national exposure (YouTube Ambassadors) as well.  Below you will find how our program works and the Sponsorship Tiers and the inclusions for each level.


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CULTURE PUNCH® is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. Fractured Atlas will receive grants for the charitable purposes of CULTURE PUNCH® provide oversight to ensure that grant funds are used in accordance with grant agreements, and provide reports as required by the grantor. Contributions for the charitable purposes of CULTURE PUNCH® must be made payable to Fractured Atlas and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

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Step & Repeat:

Backdrop with sponsor logos displayed in a repeating design; small, medium and large logos, respectively. It will be used as a background lining the CULTURE PUNCH® Carpet where cast, crew and celebrity guests will be photographed and interviewed by film crews and press.


The 2024 CULTURE PUNCH® T-shirts will have the logos of sponsors printed on the back; small, medium, large and extra large logos, respectively. They will be worn by staff/crew and sold at the merchandise table.

Vendor Booth:

Sponsors will be provided a table and two chairs to set up for the Board Walk vendor area at the Festival.


Sponsor logos will be printed on the banner to be displayed at the entrance of the Festival & Performance; small, medium, large, extra large logos, respectively.

Audio Commercial:

Silver, Gold and Platinum sponsors will be given the opportunity to record and send professional audio commercials to play over the speakers and between sets of live music; 15 seconds, 20 seconds, 30 seconds, respectively.



*Same as Festival T-shirts


*Same as Festival Banner


A printed ShowBill that lists cast, crew, credits and sponsor logos or ads. Logo listing, quarter  page ad, half page ad and full page ad, respectively. All attendees will receive one upon entry.


A printed souvenir book sold at the merchandise table. Stories, photos, behind the scenes information will be featured. Sponsors (Gold and Platinum) will be featured as supporters; half page write up with logo, full page write up and professional photos, respectively. 

Pre-Show Slide Show:

Sponsors' logos will be displayed on monitors as the doors open, before the show starts and during intermission. 

Professional Commercial Run:

Platinum sponsors will receive a professionally produced commercial that will be played pre-show in front of the audience at all three performances. These commercials will also be posted by No Limits and all schools/organizations involved in CULTURE PUNCH® 2024. 


All sponsors will be announced on social media by No Limits and all schools/organizations involved in CULTURE PUNCH® 2024

Silver sponsors, gold sponsors and platinum sponsors will receive 1, 2, 3 additional social media posts, respectively. 

Platinum sponsors' professional-grade commercial produced by No Limits will be posted and shared by all schools/organizations involved in CULTURE PUNCH® 2024. 

Promotion Boxes:

Platinum Sponsors will be featured in the promotional PR boxes sent to the YouTube Ambassadors. Platinum sponsors will be mentioned and featured on their YouTube  Channels. A reach of over 1 Million subscribers from all over the world. 

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